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Brand Origin

QVetPharma - Founded in 2018

An animal health brand co-founded by a group of veterinarians and animal nutritionists with many years of experience in animal medicine and importation of European pharmaceutical animal products. The brand "QVet" comes from "Accurate, Cure, Quality", the concept evolves from prophylaxis and precision medicine.As well as it follows the ancient "Yellow Emperor's Classic of Medicine" that preventive healthcare will be implemented in the animal production industry.

Brand Concept


Accurate, Cure, Quality

QVetPharma provides the products match what farms actually need. The veterinarians / nutritionists of QVetPharma develop and produce high quality items along with the raw meterial suppliers who are qualified with the GMP/cGMP and suppliers qualified with European GMP+/ UFAS/ HACCP.

Precision in prevention, therapy, and economy

QVetPharma's professional R&D team combines qualified manufacturer with the most cost-effective feed formula is precisely used in the local farms to meet the standard of food hygiene. Precision in prevention, therapy, and economy is what we would like to achieve in animal healthcare service.


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